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Daisy’s puppies are 3 weeks old!

I had updated the gallery pages for both litters, but here is the posting of Daisy’s puppies at 3 weeks: Lucy: Sally Brown: Linus: Snoopy: and Charlie Brown:

Muse’s puppies are 2 Weeks old!

Muse’s puppies have opened their eyes! Soon, we will know “who is in there”.  Here is their 2 week photos: The puppies with Muse: Bindi: Boomer: Joey: Sydney: Liam:

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Muse puppies are 12 days old

Here is few pictures from Lorna on Muse’s puppies, with Auzzie themes for their names and friends have dubbed them “the little Ruffy-ens”. 🙂 Muse is called Ruffy by Lorna, for Ruffles… More pictures coming, but thought I would share:

Daisy’s puppies begin transition

On Monday Daisy’s puppies will be three weeks old marking the  end of the neo-natal period and the transition week to socialization period. This last week although not seen by most as “huge” has been. The whelp has opened their eyes, tried out their legs and now the ears are opening. This moves them from […]

Happy 2 Weeks Daisy Puppies!

Welcome to the second week Daisy puppies! We have eyes just starting to open, with Sally Brown being the first in this whelp to say “Hello World” Snoopy, at 2 Weeks: Linus at 2 Weeks: Charlie Brown at 2 Weeks: Lucy at 2 Weeks: Sally Brown at 2 Weeks:

Wow! Look what Bosley & Annie’s mom sent me

this was great!  Thanks Bonnie! a video of a cake maker making a labradoodle cake for her dad’s birthday.

Muse Australian Labradoodles get Auzzie names!

Lorna called, Muse is settling back in at home. After many hours of staring at the puppies, handling them and just watching them to “know who they are” Lorna has the whelp names! We don’t just call them puppy 1 or blue ribbon boy we give them a whelp name that will probably be changed […]

Wow, 7 years of web pages does add up; I should write a book

That’s it for the transferring for now. I have laundry from puppies to still do and pictures of Daisy’s pups to take and watermark. No eyes open yet! Anytime, then we have ears opening! So fun when they hear themselves bark for the first time and look around as if to say, what was that? […]

First Aid

I am not a vet just a seasoned dog owner, breeder, and dog lover. Please always check with your vet! But in the spirit of “be prepared”  First Aid Kit Having some supplies ready in case of an emergency is a good idea. You won’t  have to go searching for what you need at a […]

“I’ve been Doodled!” the homecoming…

The Ride Home: Depending on your delivery option (picking up from us or from the airlines) you should plan on bringing a few things with you to help transition your puppy.  Each of our puppies comes with a plastic airline approved crate for transporting. The day you get your puppy is always something special. Don’t […]

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