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Puppy Pick Week

What a beautiful, sunny spring like day Sunday was! Was a perfect day for puppies first time in the yard and playing in the tunnel. Millie’s babies loved being outside. Saturday Daphne’s babies got to experience grass for the first time as well.

Sadly I was busy visiting with future puppy owners, I did not have my camera ready for a few of the families. Jay came to visit the litter and take Daphne home as she has weaned her puppies. Millie is also weaning her litter.

Here are a few photos of the day:

PuppyPickWeek001 PuppyPickWeek003 PuppyPickWeek004 PuppyPickWeek005 PuppyPickWeek006 PuppyPickWeek007 PuppyPickWeek008 PuppyPickWeek009 PuppyPickWeek010 PuppyPickWeek011 PuppyPickWeek012 PuppyPickWeek014 PuppyPickWeek016 PuppyPickWeek017 PuppyPickWeek018 PuppyPickWeek019 PuppyPickWeek022 PuppyPickWeek023 PuppyPickWeek024 PuppyPickWeek025 PuppyPickWeek027 PuppyPickWeek029 PuppyPickWeek030 PuppyPickWeek031 PuppyPickWeek032 PuppyPickWeek033 PuppyPickWeek034 PuppyPickWeek035 PuppyPickWeek036 PuppyPickWeek038 PuppyPickWeek039 PuppyPickWeek040 PuppyPickWeek041 PuppyPickWeek042 PuppyPickWeek043 PuppyPickWeek044 PuppyPickWeek045 PuppyPickWeek046 PuppyPickWeek047 PuppyPickWeek048 PuppyPickWeek049 PuppyPickWeek050 PuppyPickWeek051 PuppyPickWeek052 PuppyPickWeek054 PuppyPickWeek055 PuppyPickWeek057 PuppyPickWeek058 PuppyPickWeek059 PuppyPickWeek060 PuppyPickWeek061 PuppyPickWeek062 PuppyPickWeek063 PuppyPickWeek064 PuppyPickWeek065 PuppyPickWeek066 PuppyPickWeek067 PuppyPickWeek068 PuppyPickWeek069 PuppyPickWeek070 PuppyPickWeek071 PuppyPickWeek072

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