It probably sounds strange but it is always a bit of reflection while the puppy play pen is un-assembled and I move the dining room back. Jeff will be working on the new puppy penthouse once the puppies have all left the nest as well as the bigger area for the big dogs. I think about this “first” for us of having two litters within 24 hours and laugh to myself how now with 5 puppies left and four being picked up later this week how quiet it is. Usually when all the puppies are quiet, something is amiss.

It is always a bit bitter sweet but thankfully the puppies forever homes keep us updated and send pictures. Does a soul good to have the families so crazy about their puppies  as we are. 🙂 I also really enjoy watching our puppies grow along with the other children in the family.

We had been breaking the pups house time into small groups so they each get attention and play with us instead of the other puppies. The three that were the last to be spayed are doing great while the other two will get a bath today and some inside time. The weather is suppose to be “showers developing” so no tunnel and yard work today.

Pictures and videos coming of the leaving the nest photos.

Doodle-fully yours,

Jeff and Vicky


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