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One Week for Once Upon a Time Litter


The puppies are growing! This week they have all gained weight and basically the routine has been sleep, eat, mom gives a bath, repeat.

Lucy is spending a bit more time out of the whelp box and this means she is feeling very comfortable with their development. She came to bed in the early morning yesterday and stayed for about 10 minutes, then went back to the living room where the whelp box is. Over time she will be more comfortable and she misses sleeping with her humans.

We are putting the litter in a bigger whelp box today and they are starting to “swim” more, scooting on their tummy using their legs to move around.

This week we had very warm weather and the whelp (newborns) did not need the heat lamp on during the daytime. We will probably take the heat lamp down this week as they are doing very well without it.

Around the 10th day we should the start of eyes opening. “Hello World” is what I say when this happens. That is the beginning of a whelp first beginning of transitioning into a puppy. Shortly after the eyes open their ears will open and hearing will begin. It is always fun when a puppy makes a noise and startles when they hear it. The following week will be some trying to stand but I am getting ahead of myself.

I added their photos to the gallery for their 1 week photos. Will post their photos again side by side.


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