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Hello World! Puppies eyes are open

Daphne and Banner’s litter themed Anastasia eyes are all open this week. Hearing will follow and they are already standing and slowly moving from crawling to learning to walk. This weekend we move them from their whelp box to the puppy play pen to give them more room to explore and try out their legs. I will take some pictures once they are in their new home

Naming them has been more difficult. We give them names as temporary names until they get their final name. We find it more personal than blue collar boy as an example.

Anastasia, Annie for short is the only girl:


Dimitri, he has a heart shape mismark on his head and the makings of a side muzzle mismark. We will call him Dimi for short:




Vladimir (Vladi for short)



Romanov (we will call him Roman for short) he has a little white on his chin:

DaphneBanner2Wk015and Bartok (we will call him Bart for short)



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