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Daphne’s litter updates

This week was moving day from the whelp box to the puppy play pen. The puppies are walking and playing more with each other and last night had their first meat meal, with a chaser at the milk bar. Bart was diving into the bowl and the other puppies were quick to follow. One small step for whelp, one giant step towards being a full on puppy. 🙂

Their eye guard hair has started to grow toward their eyes which usually happens at this week. We don’t trim this but wait for the hair to grow long enough to not cause them to tear. We do rub the hair down out of their eyes this week. If you look close you will see the little hairs on the bridge of their nose that are the offenders. This week will be even more firsts as they will be introduced to lawn, steps and a few special toys to help them continue their social development and develop their senses.

We took the pictures before they had their first meal but they were also nursing, which is the cause of the wet noses. 🙂



















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