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Daphne Litter updates

It’s been a busy week with Husband leaving for a week (he is back now, thank goodness!) to eastern Oregon. I have been taking care of the two litters and the “bigs” (what we call our adult doodles) along with other home chores. I have not been able to post let alone take pictures as Daphne’s puppies are on the move! They had some lawn time and are now eating wet kibble along with their wet food. Daphne has started weaning them (they have sharp teeth now) and are exploring everything.

Grandma Daisy has been helping with socialization a brings her hedgehog to them to “see” but not play with yet. 🙂 It reminds me of her showing off her prized toy and teasing the puppies with it. The eye guard hair is almost long enough to stop touching their eyes. They had baths and nail trims last night.

I am uploading two sets of photos, one in the house with a flash and then one outside after they ate the day before. The outside shots show the color in more true light.

They are still walking in the wet food and get it all over but it is nice that they are eating their meal on the lawn now. This next week the will slowly start going a bit more dry. We will also finalize their vet visit and adoption. We have one puppy available in this litter, possibly two as one person may roll to the Molly’s litter. So, for now here is what I know of who is taken following their name.

Here are their 6 week photos:



and after eating:



Bart, who has been adopted name coming soon:



and after eating (he is little so he charges right into the bowl and stands in the middle 🙂 ):



Roman, who has been adopted and new name is coming soon:


after eating:








and after eating:






after eating:




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