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Hello; we are Liberty Labradoodles, breeders of fine multi-generational Australian Labradoodles. Limited selective litters available. We are located in Yamhill County in Oregon on a five acre farm in wine country. We fell in love with the Australian Labradoodle and have been a registered breeder of Australian Labradoodles with the IALA since 2006. We are also members of other clubs and many of our doodles are double or triple registered.

Before many knew what a “labradoodle” was we adopted Liberty and became so enchanted with her magical, intelligent, loyal, athletic, playful and joyful soul. With Libby, I was on a wait list for two years when the breeder called, she had a girl that came available, but she was “intact” and a breeder. She showed me a picture and that was that.  Although both my husband and I had dogs we loved all our lives we were amazed at her. We then decided in 2004 to have small, quality litters and Liberty Labradoodles was born. Here we are 2014, after many years of research, education and several generations of Liberty Labradoodles we want to continue to stay small with the focus on the Australian Labradoodle puppy. We moved from town to country to give the doodles room to play and run and enjoy living a bit of the rural life. We work on the slow remodel of the new to us small farm house, I love to garden and can veggies and jams while Jeff takes care of changing the farm from an old Christmas tree farm to a small vineyard and a small fruit orchard.

Back to our doodles and our breeding program.  We don’t do “infusions” and are very picky of our lineage and breeding doodles. We don’t do “back to back” breeding and we don’t breed our girls early or often. This is our preference and where we keep our focus. Besides, we also have children and now, two grandchildren that we love just as much as our doodles. We  run our program true to our puppies and puppy owners.

We take great care with the health and temperament of our lines. We don’t mass produce and are selective in our placements. We pay top dollar for studding or our breeding dogs, bring in “new blood” from other places (Canada and the Netherlands as example) to keep our lines diverse for the good of the Australian Labradoodle future. We also don’t have many “breeder” doodles out there, preferring to control our lines and know that the puppies we produce as deemed “breeders” are not mass bred.   We take care with the selection of our vet who provides all services and our vet has made himself and his staff available for house calls, but we have never needed that, thank goodness. We love our vet. 🙂 We also have our “specialist” vets, for eyes, hip testing and all.

We don’t want to produce a puppy that will not be healthy. We don’t want you to go through it. We do our best to ensure the structure, health, longevity and temperament of our puppies and they carry a 2 year health warranty. We have produced a 40 page booklet on all things doodle through the years of my best resources, training tips, grooming and health that comes with your puppy. And, yes, we are here for you for the lifetime of your doodle (or ours, which ever comes first).

We truly are not a kennel or puppy mill; Chief, Banner, and our retired girls Liberty and Belle are members of our family and we have worked to make the best breeding possible to ensure a quality line and wonderful puppies for other families looking for a great dog. Liberty and Belle are both retired and living the good life in our home. Our other potential and/or breeding dogs we place with friends and family so they are not just “breeders” they are family members.

We have stellar references. We have puppies all over the United States, including Hawaii, as well as other countries.

We raise and socialize the pups with us in our home or guardian home which you can view from the litter pictures. We provide you resources and personal support as your puppy grows and we are selective in matching up the right puppy to the right family.

They are more than puppies to us they are family members.

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