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Daphne update! Finally, maybe, hopefully, don’t jinx it…

Not wanting to jinx it, but finally! Daphne is in season. Stay tuned for more news. On another note, she went to Halloween festivities as a Lion. As in, she has the Lion cut. I don’t know if I can post pictures. I don’t want to encourage the cut.  

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Augie leaves the nest

The last puppy to leave the nest was Augie (Yogi). His family had made reservations at Bend to spend time with their grandchildren so we watched Augie a little longer. He was lonely and luckily we doodle sat Jory as her family went to Hawaii for vacation. She spent much of her time being Auntie […]

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Indi leaves the nest

Indi’s family flew in to take Indi home. They visited the Eola Hills wineries and made a little vacation out of her pick up. They visited the night before her scheduled flight, stayed at the Allison and we delivered Indi to them for their flight home. As we were getting her ready for her flight a […]

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And then there were two

Augie and Indi will be leaving next week. Indi will be the next to go and her family is flying in to pick her up. We are watching Augie while his mom and dad take one more vacation with their grand kids before picking up Augie. Both have recovered nicely from their spay and neuter […]

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Mickie (new name Charlie) leaves the nest

For the first time ever, I messed up. I was visiting online with family when there was a knock on my door. I am still not in the shower, drinking coffee and preparing for puppy baths. It was Charlies family! I thought they were coming Sunday. You know my computer wows, and I also unpacked […]

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Babe is first to leave the nest

Babe, new name Pepper was the first to leave the nest. She will be the first dog for her two girls and lives in Seattle. Here are a few leaving the nest photos.    

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Oh goodie! Casey update!

Hi Vicky, Hope all is well. Casey is such a high energy dog and we are having a lot of fun with her.She loves being in the backyard(fenced In). With all the balls and frisbees laying around she never gets bored. She catches the frisbee a lot and also loves to jump for it when […]

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Oh goodie! Maggie update!

Maggie is 6 months old and had her first spa day!   Hi Vicky and Jeff, Just wanted to send you some updated pictures.  Maggie is doing great.  She has been a great addition to our family.  Here she is after her first professional grooming and we finally can see her eyes!  

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7 Weeks; let sleeping dogs lie?

Lots of visitors including kids, Mickey’s family and Lucy and family came to check in on the litter. [jwplayer mediaid=”10097″] I had taken lots of pictures, but I am blaming it on the harvest moon. Truly I took pictures of the harvest moon rise, which I had to change my exposure settings on my camera. […]

Welcome 6 Weeks!

This morning we had Lucy’s family (and friends) up to see the puppies. Lucy has weaned them and they are now eating kibble with some wet food and growing! So about 2 hours ago Lucy left to her home after playing with her puppies and friends and family. The puppies were tuckered out and took […]

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