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Morrison is being held at this time

Morrison may be going to the east coast to join his family. He is being held until tomorrow morning at this time.

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Hawthorne becomes Penny

Hawthorne meet some of her new family members and will now be called Penny. She leaves after Christmas to live in Washington.  Her little girl is thrilled to finally get her dog.

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Elliott at 8 Weeks

Elliott at 8 weeks. He might be available right now I am talking with a wonderful east coast breeder who loves our lines and Banner most of all. Elliott looks most like Banner in this litter but still we are pondering his forever life and what will make him most happy. So, hopefully by next […]

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Hawthorne is available at this time

Hawthorne, a girl, is one that stands off just a bit, still engaging but she is a watcher. She also loves people, children, and yes, our cat. She watched our cat for a while to determine what exactly was a cat. Then entered slow and low, then licked her. She will have a loyal loving […]

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Tilly is available at this time

She is the first to do anything, very smart, happy and was the first to walk, run, and enter the tunnel! Tilly has a personality and inquisitive spirit, tilting her head at the TV and taking in so much. All my puppies are smart, but she really excels. Here is her pictures at 8 Weeks. […]

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Morrison is Available at this time

Here is Morrison at 8 Weeks, they have not had their baths but I wanted to let them run in the tunnel and the grass as we had a weather break. He has wonderful eyes that I just love. He looks into your soul.  

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Finally, some yard time!

We have had big wind and big rain this last week so the puppies did not get lots of outdoor time. Today although winter crisp is in the air Molly’s puppies (and Cousin Hobie) had such a good time in the tunnel and chasing leaves and each other. Enjoy, I know I did!  Video snippet […]

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Barclay (Bart) leaves for his forever home

Today Barclay left the nest with his forever Home. He will be very loved and taken care of in Portland Oregon. Have a wonderful life Barclay!  

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Hawthorne at 6 weeks is available at this time

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Tilikum (Tilly) at 6 weeks is available at this time

Tilly is available at this time:

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