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Puppies had visitors

Well they certainly do have fun with kids!  We had our little girl neighbors up several times the last few weeks and Deni’s (mom of the Game of Thrones litter) Aunt and Uncle and boys came to see the puppies. This week was the start of spays and neuters so it was good they got some […]

The palm size clipper I use

As people are visiting their puppy and the puppies begin to leave the nest everyone wants to know where I get my clippers. I went to respond to an email and thought I would share it with you as well. Right now the clippers are on sale.  I use this between grooming for their eyes, […]

Colonel Mustard has been adopted

Colonel Mustard has been adopted by Donna and she is working on his name. Congrats Donna! He is the perfect puppy for you!

Khal Drogo has been adopted

Khal Drogo has been adopted by Chris White and his name may remain Khal since Chris enjoys the Game of Thrones series. 

Wadsworth has been Adopted

Wadsworth has been adopted by the DeCaro family and his new name will be Bruno! He will be staying with us a bit longer as they have a trip planned in late June.   

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Sansa is Adopted

Sansa has been adopted and will live in Oregon. Her neighbors have a couple of Liberty Labradoodles!

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The Hamilton Litter at 6 Weeks

Above, the Hamilton litter after their bath. The twins are drying them and getting in some play time!  Here is the Hamilton litter at 6 weeks! At this time, Alexander has been adopted.   

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Moxie leaves the nest

The mother of the Hamilton litter, Moxie (Liberty’s Gypsy of My Heart is her registered name) has weaned the pups this last week. She left last night with her family and friends of family coming to pick her up and visit with the pups.  Jeff was his very awesome self-taking care of the puppies so […]

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Our Newest Doodle Human

Last week I also did a quick trip to San Francisco to visit our newest Grandbaby. Say hello to Samuel Jeffrey. ๐Ÿ™‚ Jeff is very honored. 

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Alexander has been adopted

During this last week we started working through the wait list and had puppy visitors for those on the list that live close by. They all got to experience the puppies and had a hard time but each of my families had different things they were looking for. Some due to allergies it was their […]

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