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Puppy Penthouse and other updates

Two litters at once is very interesting! The moms and puppies are doing great. We did run into an issue, when Daphne would hear Millie puppies squeak, she is sure that she has a puppy missing! When Millie would hear Daphne’s puppies she would act the same. They were doing fine with each other until […]

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almost 1 week the two litters are thriving

Based on the puppy applications and talking with those on our list we have three girls available at this time. Monroe of Daphne’s litter and Merry and Pippin of Millies litter are available. One boy, either Sam or Gandolf will be available but we will not know until around 4 weeks of age.   Daphne puppies: […]

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Puppy development stage: Neonatal Period

I have several “second puppies” in both litters as well as “first Liberty Labradoodle” owners. I like to explain development as we go to my puppy owners so they know what is going on during the 8 weeks they are growing here. Both the litters are in the neonatal period which runs about 10-13 days. […]

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Millie Puppies

Here is a “who is who” of the day one photos of Millie’s puppies. I also realized I was spelling Millie’s name wrong, it is not Milly. Millie said she answers to anything close. I made a gallery that will hold all the pictures of the puppies from birth until they leave the nest now […]

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Daphne Puppies

Yippie! I have internet again. I added a gallery for Daphne to hold all the photos that I will take until they leave the nest. The gallery is located under the available puppies/Daphne Banner litter. While I waited for internet, I made a “who is who” page template that I will update each week as […]

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Daphne and Banner, The Grimm Litter

1 Day old-ish; the girls under the heat lamp (casts a yellowish light):       Monroe: Rosalee (solid red head):   Adalind:     The boys:   Alexander: Griffin (heart shape mis-mark on head):

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Milly and Chief, The Hobbit Litter 1 day old photos

thanks to my cell phone personal hotspot (which I had no idea, thank you my puppy peeps), I am uploading a few camera shots. The photos have yellow/orange light from the heat lamp but this will give you some idea of who we have. They pretty much sleep and eat right now. Their first “milestone” […]

Internet down

We use a dish Internet service and have loved them until December. We have had great in time until we had some wind. We are at the top of our hill and can see the tower from our home. Since one visit to reset the dish we go up and down. Now when I am […]

Daphne & Banner 2015

Daphne had two boys and three girls early this morning starting at 12:30 and going until 3:45. Jeff was the star staying up with her for most of the whelp. She like her mom did a long slow labor all day building to the delivery. All are well and I will add photos probably this […]

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MIlly & Chief: Hello The Hobbit Litter

Milly decided early this morning that while we were watching and waiting for Daphne that she wanted to be first. She had her nesting box set up in the puppy play pen just to get her ready for what we thought would be Friday-ish. She would have been moved to the whelp area with our […]

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