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Two day old puppies at the Milk Bar

Jory is so funny! Last night she was sleeping on her back with the puppies feeding, making noises of not being happy having to work for the milk bar. Enjoy my cell phone video: [jwplayer mediaid="7167"]

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1 Day old pics and Gallery link

One day old photo gallery click to open  

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Say Hello to the Candy Bar Litter

The theme for this litter is “the Candy Bar” litter. For those that do not know Jory lives in a guardian home. What this means is  she is our “breeding doodle” but lives full time as a pet with her family, coming to “grandma and grandpa” for visits, slumber parties and whelp. When she retires […]

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Look what the Easter Bunny left us! Puppies!

Yesterday afternoon Jory (pet name Daisy) started her second litter delivery. The first born was a girl, followed by another girl and then a boy. The whelp was a long slow one with Jory delivering on her back. She is the only one of our dogs that lies on her back for the final pushes. The […]

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So Excited! Jory & Banner, 2nd litter!

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Oh Goodie! A Barley update

Hi Vicky, Love your new website…looks really great. Thought you might enjoy seeing Barley protecting his dad’s glove, or trying to earn his place on the bed, not sure which.  Barley loves to come up to our house in the mountains and the big bed is a favorite place to relax. Love to all, Debbie, […]

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Pet First Aid

April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month. This is a great opportunity for us pet owners to set aside our daily responsibilities for a moment and educate ourselves on what to do in case of emergency. There is a wealth of information swirling around on the internet and a few handy resources just in case, […]

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Jory & Banner 2014

Jory is getting big and her pre whelp check up has been scheduled. I created a page for her litter under the available puppies and Jeff and I will work on prepping the whelp area this weekend. I also added the new category to group the posts. This is their second litter together, the theme […]

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Casey Mak (Dewey) update!

Hi Vicky and Jeff, I thought I would send you a picture of Casey Mak (Dewey) since he is going to turn 2 years old this weekend. He is a wonderful dog, and loves to socialize with the other dogs at Puppy Playhouse, especially the smaller ones! ~Mary

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Harley as a Teddy Bear

Hi Vicky Just had to send this picture of Harley. He is getting a big haircut next week but we thought he looks like a stuffed animal right now with his hair so long and puffy. Harley is doing great, still chasing squirrels every chance he gets. Hope all is well with you and the […]

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