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Lucy & Banner 2014

The puppies were born yesterday; 2 Boys and 2 Girls. I am still struggling along with windows 8. Lucy foster mom has themed this litter the Yankees. Lucy did a great job and is all settled in under the heat lamp. Yogi (boy), Babe (girl), Mickey (boy) and Casey (girl) are pictured below from left […]

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Lucy’s second litter first peak

We have been so busy watching puppies and summer doodling in the garden. My laptop crashed and this is the first post with windows 8! I have lots of photos and updates from other owners to post but my first post on this laptop will be from Lucy’s vet visit and pre whelp check up. […]

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Popsicle! Nothing says summer doodling like a homemade one

So, I follow a few “foodie” blogs and I happened upon a contest  in it’s second year. Popsicle Pops takes home made recipes and shares them and people try them out and vote. So now I am hooked~since I am also canning raspberry and cherry jam there were some awesome berry pop recipes to put my […]

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Bonnie & Clyde first time outside

Yesterday was the first bath and first time outside in the puppy play yard for Bonnie & Clyde. The weather was perfect for a little romp.   In the sunlight you can finally see the colors of their coat that make them so special. The blue (which is really dark, dark brown)  of Bonnie above […]

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Casey update!

Hi Vicky- Casey is settling in nicely. She  goes to the door if she has to go out and will sit to get her leash on. The boys are doing well with her. They had a momentary panic when she was trying to play but being a bit nippy. They were very tired but got […]

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Cooper update!

Cooper (Hunk) is settling in with his new pack. sorry it is sideways, but how cute! Coopers boy.    

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Busy weekend! Lucy & Banner Doodled and visitors and updates!

We had a very busy week with watching Millie, then Samantha while Lucy visited and she and Banner doodled. If mother nature agrees we will have more news later. Willy visited (from the river litter) when it was time for Lucy to go back to her guardian home and Maggie got some boy time.   […]

Lucy is here visiting Banner and other doodlings

If all goes well, the two might be doodling soon! Stay tuned for updates. On another note, Casey flew last night and arrived this morning to Glen Rock. More details are to come and hopefully pictures.  She and Maggie played hard before she and Jeff made their way to the Portland airport. We had an […]

Bonnie & Clyde video snippet

Here is a video snippet of moving day for Bonnie and Clyde and then at the end, their first meal other than the milk bar. Enjoy! [jwplayer mediaid="9392"]

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  Millie, almost a year old is here to visit Grandma and Grandpa until Monday.

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