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The Spring Puppies in one post

It is getting close to puppy/family pairing time (aka allocation) and we still have some puppies available. I have several apps in but they are waiting to see who is available before putting a deposit down. I will describe the pups as best as possible to help with their selection. Some have already stated their […]

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The Game of Thrones Litter at 5 weeks

The puppies from this litter all have their teeth emerging; I sense an early wean with this litter. She is a wonderful caring mom and all the pups are thriving. We have exposed them to all they can handle, from strangers, grass and their first food other than the milk bar.  Enjoy the 5 week […]

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The Clue Litter at 5 Weeks

The Clue litter have teeth in and al; their eyes and ears are open. They are using the ugo dog, an indoor potty training system with about 85% success rate. They also got their first meal other than the milk bar this week. 

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Hamilton Litter at 4 Weeks

The Hamilton litter is almost 4 weeks and we took pictures this weekend. This week they will have their teeth come in and we introduced their first meal other than then milk bar; a mix of meat and warm water. They loved it! Here is the 4 week old photos of the litter:

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My Puppy Socialization Team Starts!

Say hello to our two new puppy socialization peeps! Twin daughters of a co-worker, they are here to help socialize the puppies and help with general doodle chores. It is a very tough job 🙂 …They are going to be great!

The Clue Litter at 3+ Weeks

Here are pictures from this weekend of the Clue Litter. We were lucky with a bit of sunshine to take the photos on Sunday. 

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Taking reservations now

We just had a doodle! Our Mini Daenerys Targaryen Mother of Dragons (Deni for short and Anastasia registered name) has doodled with Zack (also a mini)  and this litter is going to be stunning! They both have very sweet personalities and are both the same size! If all goes well with Mother Nature the puppies will […]

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Mickey at 4 Weeks

Here is Mickey at 4 Weeks:

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Ian at 4 Weeks

here is Ian at 4 weeks. He is the first to do everything. First eyes to open, first to walk, first to explore. he is a bit of a clown.

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Shane at 4 Weeks

Here is Shane at 4 Weeks:

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