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I am working on our Gallery.  Stay tuned! I had photos on flicker as well as other sites and I am getting closer to have them organized and grouped. For now I have a few random photos showing for your viewing pleasure.


Our Dogs

The Boys, my little stud muffins:

  • Chief Gallery
    • Chief and other doodlings
  • Liam Gallery
    • Liam and other doodlings
  • Banner Gallery
    • Banner and other doodlings
  • up and coming, Boomer!
  • Breeding lineage of our pups owned by other reputable club members

The Girls

  • up and coming Gypsy Gallery
  • up and coming Samantha Gallery
  • Izzy Gallery
  • Jory Gallery
  • Lucy Gallery
  • Daphne Gallery


Retired and living the good life!

  • Liberty Gallery
    • Liberty 1st Litter
    • Liberty 2nd Litter
    • Liberty 3rd Litter
  • Belle Gallery
    • Belle 1st Litter
    • Belle 2nd Litter
    • Belle 3rd  and final Litter
  • Grace Gallery
  • Muse Gallery
    • Muse 1st and Final Litter
  • Daisy Gallery
  • Cinnie Gallery
    • Cinnie 1st Litter
    • Cinnie 2nd Litter
    • Cinnie 3rd and Final Litter

Our Puppies

  • Puppies in their forever homes, I have the pictures scattered through out the blog but I want to add our “alumni” to one spot over time. That will be held in this Gallery. I also hope to put the grown puppies with the litter gallery.
    • Alumni Gallery coming soon
  • Working Therapy or Assistive Australian Labradoodles from Liberty Labradoodles. We have other doodles that provide therapy but have not been certified or trained officially. Below is a list of some of our doodles we are very proud of the work they are doing.
    • Henna working at Hospital
    • Casey working at Hospital
    • Fearless working direct
    • Romeo and Juliet working with therapy clients
    • Tucker works at many locations
    • Bindi working at Funeral Therapy
    • Kona working direct
    • in training puppies

My favorite Photos! Sometimes I get some wonderful shots. This will be where my favorite photos will be stored.

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