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Adoption Application

If you have not already done so, please email Liberty Labradoodles (vicky atsign libertylabradoodles.com ) to be placed an advance request.  To complete your application via email copy and paste the information below into the body of your email message. (Or email me and I will send you a email with the application). Please feel free to give us more information that might provide useful in matching you to your doodle.

Thank you!

State: ZIP:
Phone:( ) – Cell:( ) –
Nearest MAJOR Airport:
Date you can take your new puppy (mm/dd/yyyy):
Does anyone in your family suffer from dog-related allergies? Y: N:
What size do you prefer? Miniature (15 – 20 pounds): Medium (30 – 45 pounds):
What gender do you prefer? M: F: flexible:
(Flexible could mean you receive a puppy sooner, depending on availability.)
List color in order of preference:
What coat type do you prefer?
Do you have children? N: Y: If Yes, how old?
Do you have other pets? N: Y: If Yes, please list:
What type of training do you plan to give the puppy? (These are very intelligent dogs that thrive on training.)
Do you already have a vet? YES _____ NO _____ If yes, who?
Where will your puppy be during the day?
Where will your puppy sleep?
What type of temperament are you looking for?
Is there anything else that you want us to know?
Would you mind letting us know how you found us?
IALA Other Breeder:
Word of Mouth Other Puppy Owner:
Google Yahoo
Other :

I have answered the questions in this Application as honestly and completely as possible.


Date ________________

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