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two human doodles (soon to be three!)

We had such a wonderful time visiting our grand children in Alabama. They live so far away! They carry a very southern drawl and I love to listen to them talk and watch them work out how to do something. Grandson was brilliant in the assembly of a wooden train track set and Granddaughter also had some insight about how she needed to have the purple train since purple is her color. 🙂 

We had some great memories we made including a trip to a NASA space camp center in Huntsville and having cooking class with two up and coming cooks. So fun!

We have planned our upcoming litters around this trip and our soon to be third grandchild that will live in San Francisco. 

Jeff and I have been very busy trying to get the dog house finished prior to whelp and puppy rearing. Jeff found my dutch door I wanted between the whelp room and the puppy room at a habitat for humanity store! Dutch doors are very hard to find but so looking forward to him putting it in.

My mother (the quilter) has made the future puppies new whelp box blankets which will follow the pups to their forever home so they have the smell of their mother and siblings. 

During this winter Jeff also has planted another 1000 Christmas tree seedlings and meanwhile I have sprayed out the garden and grass/weeds off the deck to prepare this spring for finally putting a lawn in. 

Obie Wan, upcoming stud dog who will be living with our Nephew is currently with us while our Nephew works on getting his Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University. We were lucky to have him stay with us this summer and help out around the farm and engineer the pool deck. 🙂 

We had two goats who also doodled and they both (yes both!) had triplets. They are so fun to watch and are already climbing on to the goat fort at such a young age.

Finally we will be in construct mode for Phase 3 of the remodel later this year. 

The whole property is tall fenced now and we are pondering the gate. Once we have the gate the doodles will run the property! Can’t wait, it has been a 5 year vision about to happen. 


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