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Snow White Litter 1 Week update

All 8 doodles and mom are doing very well. The litter at this age eat, sleep and repeat. I started their photo gallery for last week and this weekend I have tried to make each one a “gallery within the gallery”. At this age, we have some markings that have yet to appear. As I watch the litter develop I see the makings of some slippers and possible white on the muzzle.

I posted a new page under “available litters” which will hold the litter photo albums and each puppy picture for each week. As always we will get to the time when photos get harder to take as they run and play and so we will be placing the videos there as well. At this time we have 4 spots available. 

Skeeter has some of the most wonderful mismarkings I love. She also has the most loving personality. I can tell you I see that personality trait in the puppies, even at this stage.

We are getting ready to move her and the whelp (a term similar to newborn) from the living room to the puppy house as we have family visiting this next week. She will want to be more alone with such young puppies. 

Dolly, our puppy we held back for our own has been learning to be the Liberty Labradoodle Ambassador (and future nanny in training) and can’t wait until Skeeter lets her help raise the puppies, but not just yet. 

Enjoy the 1-week photos, next week we should start seeing the eyes open. What I call the “Hello World” stage. 


Here are their own gallery pages I am working on:

Snow Photo Gallery:

Snow is an Apricot girl with a heart mismark on her head, the makings of two white front slippers

Bashful Photo Gallery:

Bashful (Bash for short) is a Red boy with white sliver mark on his head

Doc Photo Gallery:

Doc is a dark apricot boy, small heart mismark on his head, a dark nose and a white soul patch chin, the makings of a right front white slipper

Grumpy Photo Gallery:

Grumly for short, he is an apricot boy with heart mismark on his head, the nose may be getting a bit darker and might have a white muzzle? Time will tell. 

Sleepy Photo Gallery:

Sleepy is a red mismark boy, with a white chest, a light left paw that might become a slipper. 

Happy Photo Gallery:

Happy is an apricot girl with a white heart mismark on her head, one white slipper?

Sneezy Photo Gallery:

Sneez (for short) is an apricot boy, with solid coloring


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