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Snow White litter at 5 Weeks!

I love this week! This is when the puppies personality begins to really come out! Being winter they will be spending more time inside than out as we do in the spring. we have a covered area with artificial turf outside a doggie door that they will be using in a few weeks. We have also ripped out our front yard in preparing for spring and to fill our newly built retaining wall off our deck. This next weekend we will have families up for their picks and we will know which two are left to still be adopted (at this time). 

Yesterday the puppies had their first bath, an eye trim as the eye guard hairs were growing in, nail clipping and visitors. 

This week will really start showing their personality as their world is expanding and we will introduce Aunt Dolly to the puppies. She can’t wait to play with them and Skeeter knows the puppies will be ready for it. Skeeter will be keeping an eye on the interactions of course but this will be an important introduction to teach the puppies to be members of the pack larger than just their mom and littermates. 

Skeeter had a spa day while the pups had their baths. She has begun the wean as the puppies are getting teeth! The pups have been eating puppy food and this week puppy kibble will be added.  


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