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Snow White Litter begins to leave the nest

Busy week for the Skeeter’s puppies as they blossom into their puppy selves.

Snow (new name Daisy) was the first to leave the nest and fly to live in California with Bruce and Carolyn. 

Next was a “meet up” for Jeff and Happy (new name Gwen) as her new family drove down from Washington to pick her up. She joins adorable kids (the whole family really!) and another Liberty Labradoodle looking for a playmate, Molly. 

Next, Dopey (new name Bentley) was picked up Saturday by his new mom and dad and goes to live in Portland. He is going to be so pampered and goes to a wonderful family:

The next puppy to leave the nest was Doc (new name Bear). He goes to a co-worker of one of our doodle owners and they are again an awesome home:

Then it was Grumpy (new name Maverick) who left today with yet another wonderful family. Mom did her research and the girls are amazing. I wish they lived closer so I could hire them when my most wonderful twin helpers graduate. The really cool thing here is Bear and Maverick family are good friends, so they will have lots of play dates together. We have also introduced Bentley to them as they all live in Portland. I really like that the siblings might romp together. 

Finally, another family from Portland that got to know one of our puppies came to pick up Bashful (new name Chewie). The other families agreed to sharing contact information and so we did. 🙂 I think their two children will be awesome doodle owners and as I always say, they go to good homes or they don’t go. I do have to say that Chewie has the most stunning eyes! 

They are rare, a very blue/gray color! 

Which leaves two. Sneezy who has really blossomed is looking for his forever home. All the families had time with him and Sleepy. 

He also has very cool eyes, and he watches TV:

And then there is Sleepy. Just a honey! Can’t wait to meet who they are meant to go to:

I do have to say a big thank you to the families, my twins who are just stellar and my wonderful Guardian homes and of course Hubby Jeff. xxx 

Have a wonderful life my baby doodles! You have the most wonderful families to grow up with!






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