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Video Gallery

This will be a link to all our videos. I will slowly convert the videos from the old format (that can’t be seen on some computer operating systems and phones) to the new format. I found that I can convert my cell phone videos, but they come in sideways. Sorry! I will  link other videos here or in the sub pages below.


  • Puppy videos.
    • Although the videos will be stored in the litter gallery, I have videos I have taken that historically aren’t linked so I will save them here.
    • Here is a video snippet we made for Finn’s mom (Gibbs, from the NCIS litter of Jory/Banner first litter):
    • I will work on organizing them better once I have them in one place: Here is Rosie, from Gracie who was adopted (this was in 2010 I think). I just like it as the Kizer family helped to make the “film strip”. This also has Jory as a puppy. Rosie was renamed Graycie and has a wonderful life at her forever farm and Nursery:

Liberty’s Blossom (Daisy pet name) Litters:

Her first whelp:


Cinnie’s first litter, the last day they were all together:

  • Puppies with their people. Video snippets (used with permission) of our puppies after they have left the nest.
    • Rascal Rusty:
  • Adult videos
    • Some videos over time that I have taken, including flyball and playing in our old house, park, neighborhood visits and visits at hospitals. Also when we have been lucky enough to visit with our grown puppies and their owners.
  • Training videos.
    • My little video snippets as well as links to other well done training video links.

Just fun videos:

Here is a video of puppies learning the tunnel:

Training videos:

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