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Video Training

Here are some good video training and tips I have compiled. I don’t agree with everything but they are excellent videos and the best that I have found out there.  I cover much of this in my 40 page doodle document that comes with your doodle from our years of doodling.  The most important thing next to love and care for your new family member is training your doodle to be the family member you desire. They are very smart. If you are not training them, they will be training you. 🙂


Bringing your puppy home:

(Don’t get dog shampoo, people shampoo! Read my book)


How to Train using positive reinforcement:


 How to Leash Train your puppy:


How to Train your puppy to sit, stay and down:


House Training your Puppy:


 Training your puppy not to bite:


Crate Training your puppy:


Tips on cleaning your dogs ears: (there is an add that runs on brushing first):


Tips on brushing your dogs teeth:


How to teach your puppy to sit:


Your first vet visit:

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